“There are psychopaths who want to kill”: fugitive ex-Russian soldier testifies

Nikita Sibrin, a former Russian soldier who fled the conflict, testified before CNN cameras on Wednesday. The young man who served in the unit infamous for crimes in the village of Butsa today denounces an “organized lie” and is convinced that Russia will lose the war.

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DAn interview was given over the years CNN, former Russian soldier Nikita Sibrin testifies about the atrocities he suffered during the war in Ukraine. He claims to be from the Russian city of Yakutsk and has been placed on the front lines between the two countries since the start of the invasion. Nikita Sibrin’s incoming brigade was unfortunately famous because it was accused of war crimes in the village of Bautsa.

Facing the American media’s camera, Nikita says she remembers the atrocities, but above all a remarkable impunity. “Soldiers raped a mother and daughter. The generals shrugged their shoulders when they discovered the rapes. “They (…) were attacked, but not fully punished,” he admitted.

The ex-soldier denounces an organized lie, where expected heroism is finally replaced by a series of crimes, qualified as “war crimes” by the Ukrainian government. In Bautza, several mass graves containing civilian remains were discovered. The bodies also showed signs of torture and ill-treatment. Nikita Sibrin says: “There are psychopaths who kill men. Such fanatics appeared there.

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Torture and war crimes aside, the ex-soldier talks about widespread looting, where the Russians took valuables, jewelry, computers and other Ukrainian property.

“Of course Russia will lose”

After coming under fire from Ukrainian defenses, Nikita Sibrin decided to withdraw from the conflict and denounce the violence and atrocities of the war. He deserted the Russian army in September and fled to Europe via Belarus and Kazakhstan. Stationed in a secret location, the former Russian soldier is certain about the outcome of the fight: “Of course Russia will lose. The whole world supports Ukraine. It is foolish to think that the Russians will win,” he said.

Nikita Sibrin underscores the soldiers’ lack of preparedness, indicating that his training consisted of “weapons, aiming, and receiving 5,000 rounds of ammunition.” Once in Ukraine, this lack of training proved fatal for most recruits to the Russian forces. Nikita Sibrin explains: “Men who boasted like Rambo returned broken. »

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