The two pilots clashed in the cockpit, forcing the cabin crew to intervene!

The facts happened in mid-June on an Air France flight connecting Geneva to Paris. According to Le Point, the pilot and co-pilot collided in the cockpit. The crew was forced to intervene to separate them.

Shortly after take-off the two got into an argument and one of them accidentally hit the other. The stricken pilot said he was slapped. The two men grabbed each other by the collar, and after a few punches, a wooden object was thrown into the face of one of the pilots.

The cabin crew intervened when they heard a commotion in the cockpit. A member of the flight crew remained in the cockpit for the remainder of the flight to prevent the two pilots from fighting again. The plane managed to land safely in Paris.

The reason for the first “room” is still unclear. The co-pilot would have ignored the pilot’s instruction which would have annoyed the latter. Both pilots have been suspended and are awaiting a decision from management on whether or not they will be allowed to fly again.

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