The Speaker of the National Assembly refused to hold a minute’s silence for the drowned migrants in Greece the world

On June 14, at least 82 people drowned when a migrant boat capsized off the Peloponnese peninsula in southwestern Greece. A boat carrying about 750 migrants capsized in international waters 47 nautical miles off the coast of Greece, and 104 people have been rescued so far.

Confronted with this human tragedy, the rebel French contingent descended on the ground to pay their respects to the victims. “Last Wednesday, the sea swallowed the bodies and lives of hundreds of exiled men, women and children who were trying to make a better life elsewhere. It was one of the deadliest shipwrecks in the Mediterranean. It is estimated that around 600 people died, including around a hundred children who drowned with their mothers clutching coffins”, he said. before asking his colleagues and ministers for a moment of silence.

The request was rejected

Left and Majority MPs and ministers, including the Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne, then stood up. They were immediately interrupted by the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, who denied Aymeric Caron’s request.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I really find this idea wonderful, but that’s what the Conference of Presidents is for, so this half-cycle, we can collectively decide on a time to honor the dead,” he reasoned. “Sorry for forcing me to say that. Yes, it’s sad because these are moments that should unite us, not divide us, and practices like this humiliate us, and I’m sorry for that,” he added.


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The former “We Don’t Lie” columnist held a few seconds of silence with his colleagues on the left. “I don’t know why progress will prevent the union”, then he replied to the president of the parliament, “This silence is a tribute not to forget the other, to know the awkward and guilty silence with this drama. A week, it owes nothing to fate, but everything to cowardice and contempt”.

Mr. Karen later posted the pictures on social media. “Shame on the National Assembly,” he wrote. “The message is clear: immigrants are dying far from our eyes.”

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