The only dummy PFT draft in the 2022 NFL

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The draft begins on Thursday. This means that time is running out for dummy drafts. Since everyone and the postman cousin has a fake draft, we keep posting one too.

I don’t like photo drafts. Some say they are a way to frame conversations. They are actually a crutch. There should be a better way to talk about the draft than to say, “Let’s pretend we know what’s going to happen and then talk about it.”

It gets even weirder when it comes to predicting trades. The potential permutations extend to numbers that the human mind cannot fathom.

But here we are. Our only dummy project of the year. I don’t care if any of the choices are correct. I don’t care if you call it “the worst dummy project ever”. (One or more of my previous mock drafts would be happy to lose this crown.)

We used to make endless copies of photo drafts. That was before I developed a complete and complete hatred of them myself. In recent years, we’ve moved on to the dummy one-shot draft, with no concern for accuracy and no pride in authorship. Especially since I have now exported the assignment to an experienced scout whose credentials would not be questioned if his name was mentioned.

I thought about messing with his choices. But then I realized I don’t care. If any of these choices are correct, credit goes to the anonymous, unrelated scout with no appearance in the game. For all this mistake, I’d be happy to blame.

Here nothing goes. Literally.

1. Jaguar: Travon Walker, defensive end, Georgia.

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Think about taking a tackle. The current thinking is that they will stick to the pass.

2. Lions: Aidan Hutchinson, defensive end, Michigan.

He fulfills a need, and his relationship with Michigan is great for business. If there is, he is a no-brainer.

3. Texas: Evan NealAlabama processing.

A team with a lot of needs can go in many different directions here.

4. Airplanes: Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner, Cornback, Cincinnati.

Airplanes migrate from Revis Island to Sauce City.

5. Giants: Ikem Ekwonu, Tackle, North Carolina State.

The offensive line was and still is a mess. Ekwonu starts the process of cleaning things up.

6. Panthers: Charles Cross, Tackle, Mississippi.

They need a midfielder, but in the end they may not like a player enough to make him the sixth choice.

7. Giants: Drake London, receiver, USC.

I would go with you personally Jameson Williams Here, but I acquiesce in the person who drafted this draft.

8. Hawks: Kyle HamiltonSalama, Notre Dame.

The talent of potential generations becomes the anchor for a team that hopes to once again become a permanent competitor.

9. Seahawks: Derek Stingley, Jr. , cornerback, LSU.

They can trade, or they can grab a guy who can become one of the cornerstones of Legion of Boom 2.0.

10. Jets: Kavon Thibodeaux, rusher edge, Oregon.

All those talking about Thibodeaux slipping out of the top ten can hope he does, so they can recruit him.

11. Leaders: Garrett WilsonRecipient, Ohio.

The new Buckeye receiver could replace your existing Buckeye receiver which they might not want to give them a lot of money for.

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12. Vikings: Jermaine Johnson II, Edge rusher, Florida.

Zadarius Smith It is a short term step. They need 3-4 pieces to defend.

13. Texas: Chris OlafOhio State recipient.

They don’t have the quarterback franchise anymore. A great receiver can make a non-franchised player look a lot better.

14. Crows: Trevor Benning, Tackle, Northern Iowa.

With Orlando Brown gold and Ronnie Stanley Still a question mark, crows need blockers.

15. Eagles: Jameson Williams, receiver, Alabama.

Don’t be surprised if he climbs higher – or if the vultures trade to take him higher.

16. Saints: Kenny Beckett, QB Pete.

What would they have followed? Deshaun Watson If it is completely sold out James Winston.

17. Chargers: Andrew Booth, Jr., Cornback, Clemson.

They are doing what they have to do to keep up with the massive abuses in West Asia.

18. Eagles: Jordan Davis, defensive tackle, Georgia.

Fletcher Cox nearing the end. They need someone who is just getting started.

19. Saints: Tyler Smith, striker, Tulsa.

Post Payton’s offense needs more talent, not necessarily a receiver.

20. Steelers: Malik WillisQuarterback Liberty.

They may trade to get it. It is very likely that they do not intend to create an extended gap between their quarterbacks, as they did prior to the drafting of Ben Roethisberger.

21. The Patriots: George Karlavtis, Hasty Edge, Bordeaux.

The best player available, a rating inspired by their struggles when it comes to crafting and developing receivers.

22- The packages: Trillon pyrexRecipient, Arkansas.

They desperately need a new #1 receiver. Don’t be surprised if they trade for him or anyone else.

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23. Cardinals: Demarvin Lill, defensive tackle, Texas A&M.

Defense needs a boost. Leal can provide it.

24. Cowboys: Kenyon Green, Ranger, Texas A&M.

It’s time to get back to looking after the offensive line.

25. Bills: Trent McDuffie, Cornerback, Washington.

They need help in high school, especially with Tre’Davious white Back from an anterior cruciate ligament rupture.

26. Titans: Jehan Dotson, recipient, Penn State.

Julio Jones did not succeed. They need a strong #2.

27. Buccaneers: Devin Lloyd, linebacker, Utah.

Another devine becomes the successor to Lafonta David.

28. Packers: Bernard Rayman, handler, Central Michigan.

With Aaron Rodgers And they need people to keep him upright.

29. Chairs: Zion Johnson, Ranger, Boston College.

They need to formulate and develop specialized blockers for Patrick Mahomes.

30. Presidents: Duxton Hill, Salama, Michigan.

Together with the signature Justin Reedcapturing Hill could significantly enhance the last line of defense.

31. Bengals: Tyler Linderbaum, Central, Iowa.

Talented but smaller, the Bengal must look for men who can protect Joe Borough.

32. Lions: Matt Coral, quarterback, Mississippi.

They can trade that pick for someone who wants to get the quarterback – and hold the final five years of the 2022 draft – or they can go ahead and take Corral here. He’s got the intangibles the Lions need as they try to turn the page on three decades of dysfunction.

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