The iPad should be folded in half

Folding your iPad in half is a very bad idea if you want to keep using your iPad. But listen to me: It should be folded in half. Why? Because it would make a foldable phone.

Apple has already achieved the ideal of thinness. The iPad Pro is thinner than most phones (and every other computer Apple makes). What’s the point, if not to fold it in half? Has anyone ever complained that their iPad is too thick? The thinnest iPad Pro is 5.1mm thick, and you can fold it in half, making it just a few millimeters thicker than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. mission accomplished. And if Apple is going to insist that things like the floating tab bar are good enough multitasking tools for people to get things done on the iPad, it might as well turn that thing into a phone.

And speaking of iOS 18 – sorry, iPad OS 18 — did you see New handwriting features? They look amazing. With Apple Pencil, you can write a note and a feature called Smart Script will automatically improve your writing. But here’s the cool part: You can scan some handwritten notes or cross out something, and the text will flow in to fill the empty space. This solves one of the problems I have when writing with a stylus on phones — adding text is easy, but once you cross something off your grocery list, it gets ugly pretty quickly.

But, let’s be honest, I don’t write a list on my iPad and then take it grocery shopping so I can cross things off while I’m walking around Trader Joe’s. But what if you wrote those notes on a large, tablet-like screen, and then folded the whole thing in half to take with you? It’s much more logical. Apple doesn’t want to admit that the iPad is a stay-at-home device; If it could be folded in half, we might be more inclined to take it away.

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It’s possible that Apple executives quite enjoy selling phones to people And A tablet and they have no intention of selling them a single product instead. I didn’t go to business school or anything, but okay. All I’m saying is that it’s hard to get excited about the iPad when I already have a phone and a computer, but an iPad that folds in half? This is what is required.

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