The first 3D printed houses are for sale | the world

Starting June 5, reservations are open for the sale of new 3D-printed homes in Austin, Texas. ICON representatives claim the buildings take half the time of traditional wood-frame homes, while also being more durable and energy-efficient.

Austin is about to get a new community for the future. In fact, bookings for the region’s first 3D printed homes have opened to the public since Monday.

This one-of-a-kind neighborhood was built by Icon. The massive Vulcan robots build successive layers of highly resistant concrete called “lavacrete” (polymer concrete).

ICON representatives take half the time of traditional timber frame homes to build their homes, while being more durable and energy efficient.

Six homes in Georgetown’s Wolf Ranch neighborhood will be sold June 10 for $475,000 to $500,000. Another thirty are currently under construction.

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