The Final Fantasy 14 Healers plan to attack when Dawntrail first appears

After months (and even years) of electric current treatment Final Fantasy 14 Complain about it Square EnixMMORPG game has simplified And Devalued Job, seemingly in vain, the affected therapists are going one step further to make their opinion known: they are going on strike.

The strike began on June 9, when Square Enix forum user Gemina (the lead researcher) posted a thread titled Briefly #FFXIVHEALERSTRIKE. The topic begins with a mission statement for the strike. Jimena writes:

I would like to make this the official thread for those who support Wizard Strike as a collective voice for the development team to express dissatisfaction with the ongoing direction the game has taken with regards to wizard gameplay and what consensus has been reached that there is perceived neglect towards the role, as well as the players who lead it.

The strike requires any participating players to refrain from taking on any healing jobs in any group content (dungeons, raids, trials).

While this is not a new problem for FF14therapist community, Downtrail The previews were the turning point that led to the strike. especially, FF14 Content Creator Xenosys Vex preview video, shows a party of four people beating the new expansion’s first dungeon, Ihuykatumu, without a wizard. Of course, Xenosys used some clever party makeup: the party’s tank was a Warrior, a class known for its self-healing abilities. The Warrior was then supported by three DPS players, one of whom chose the Red Mage to utilize healing and resurrection magic without the need for an actual healer. However, it’s not a good look Downtrail It has made it taste bitter in the mouths of many healers.

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Xenosis Fix

You might think, based on the Xenosys preview, that the wizard’s strike might go nowhere because it proved how useless the role is even in… DowntrailBasic content. However, when you complete party-based content for the first time in FF14, You are required to adhere to strict party makeup. Four-person content requires one processor, while eight-person content requires two. So players can’t follow the Xenosys approach of abandoning healers all at once Downtrail Releases, strikes should remind people that they are taken for granted.

The grievances listed by Jimena summarize a list of issues players have had with the healer role — issues that are exacerbated by the impending changes coming to the new expansion. the Processor community, Me included, had long complained that the job changes in each expansion consistently reduced the usefulness of healers in anything but high-end content, as well as simplifying the actual turns of play. For example, a white mage’s average turn in an encounter is to spam a single target’s attack spell Glare, while also maintaining damage over time, constantly applying a Dia spell to the enemy. It is cured in very rare cases.

This means you spend your time spamming two buttons, which is downright boring compared to the DPS and Tank roles with their more complex and engaging rotations. And to make matters worse, Downtrail It’s looking to simplify Astrologian, which is probably the last semi-complex wizard job in the game, along with continued support for self-healing abilities in tank classes.

picture: Square Enix/Kotaku

As a therapist, I understand the frustration that led to the strike. I hope Square Enix is ​​now working on changes to address these long-talked-about issues. There’s even some hope for that Downtrail It may offer an olive branch to the therapist community. The Summoner loses his ability to revive players, meaning Red Mage will be the only non-healer role with the ability to revive. This gives therapists little target. Furthermore, the Swiftcast ability is getting a shorter cooldown, something that could indicate more challenging content for wizards. However, this may still be reserved for high-end content only, which doesn’t completely solve the problem.

The #FFXIVHEALERSTRIKE thread currently has over 300 pages of comments adding support for them. To give players time to complete any Endwalker The content they need before the next expansion, Jimena suggests not officially starting the strike DowntrailHe was released on July 2.


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