The Astros will start Christian Javier in ALCS Game 3 against the Yankees

Right-handed Houston Astros Lance McCullers Jr.. He was postponed for a day and will start match 4 after sustaining a small cut to his elbow from a champagne bottle thrown on Saturday.

“Unfortunately, after winning in Seattle, I grabbed a spare bottle of champagne at the elbow bone,” McCullers said.

Houston will start with a 2-0 lead in the MLS Series Best of Seven Christian Jaffer In Game 3 at the New York Yankees on Saturday and the McCullers start Game 4 on Sunday night.

McCullers said he had some swelling after the accident that followed the team’s 18-round win and the ALDS win against the Seattle Mariners, so the team chose to give him an extra day to rest.

“It was nobody’s fault,” McCullers said. “It was just an accident. So it’s not a huge deal.”

McCullers said he made 35 throws on Friday and was comfortable and would have no restrictions on his start on Sunday.

He was asked exactly how the injury occurred.

McCullers said, “Some guys were sort of coming back behind me and the bottle just happened to hit the back kind of inside part of my elbow as people were going by. It wasn’t like we were wild. I was standing there. .”

He’s not the first bowler to get injured in celebration this season after the loyal Philadelphia Phillies David Robertson He missed the NLDS after straining his jumping leg to celebrate his home run Bryce Harper On the Wild Card Tour.

Javier provided 1 1/3 innings from rest in Houston’s 8-7 win in Game One at ALDS but hasn’t started since his October 1 win over Tampa Bay.

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The 25-year-old started and scored 13 goals in seven rounds of a combined no-batting match in a 3-0 win at Yankee Stadium on June 25. Gerrit Colewho will start with New York on Saturday, lost in that match.

Javier used mainly starting kickers, aged 11-9 with 2.54 ERA and 194 hits this season, throwing 1⅓ rounds of rest in Game 1 of ALDS vs. Seattle.

On June 25, Javier, Hector Neres And the Ryan Presley Combined for the first time at Yankee Stadium in 19 years in Houston’s 3-0 win. Javier, whose fastball topped 96.3 mph in the game, set a career high with 13 strikes across 115 pitches over seven rounds in the game before being pulled over.

McCullers kicked off Houston’s 18-run marathon win over Seattle in Game 3 of the Division Series that completed the Mariners’ sweep. He allowed a two-stroke and a seven in six goalless innings in a 1-0 win before getting injured as the Astros celebrated by clinching their sixth consecutive trip to the ALCS.

McCullers finished Game 7 of ALCS 2017 by throwing 24 consecutive curveballs to retire from the Yankees’ last five hits in the standings.

His first appearance of the season with the Astros wasn’t until Aug. 13 due to straining the right flexor tendon, and he’s gone 4-2 down the extension with 2.27 ERAs and 50 hits this season.

The Yankees had already commissioned Cole as a starter for Game 3 and Nestor Cortes for game 4.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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