Tension after activists moved to mainland France

Some excesses erupted again in the archipelago: dams were damaged during the night from Saturday to Sunday and fires were reported, including at a school in Dambia.

Key figures of a group of Kanak separatists suspected of plotting unrest in New Caledonia, including spokesman Christian Dean, were sent to France to be jailed. an action “Political Exile” Rebuke some when others say hello “Right wing government”.

The decision to send pro-independence activists attached to the Field Action Coordination Unit (CCAT) to pre-trial detention in mainland France, 17,000 km from home, has left the community in turmoil. Fresh outbreaks have erupted in the archipelago, reports say Franceinfo. According to public service media, roadblocks were erected overnight from Saturday to Sunday and fires were reported, including at a school in Dumbéa, bordering Nouméa.


Seven of the 11 people arrested on Wednesday had flown by ship overnight between Saturday and Sunday. “Specially chartered aircraft for this mission”Noumea’s public prosecutor Yves Dupas underlined in a press release.

“All leaders, activists and sympathizers of the Caledonian Union were shocked to learn of the overnight deportation to mainland France of leaders and activists of CCAT, including our General Commissioner Picho Dean (Christian Dean) and two mothers. Young children’In November 2023 the Caledonian Union (UC), a political party involved in the creation of the CCAT, protested.

“Those responsible for the CCAT are by no means supporters of abuses, but martyrs of colonial justice today.”The UC continued to be the most radical wing of the Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front (FLNKS). “Abolition of this political exile”.

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Avoid “pressure”.

In addition to Christian Dean, who will be jailed at Mulhouse, Brenda Wanobo, communications officer for the CCAT, is headed to the Dijon prison center, while Frédéric Muliawa Roche Vamidon, chief of staff to the President of New Caledonia’s Congress, is headed to Riom near Clermont-Ferrand, according to their lawyers. Questioned by AFP, counsel for the detainees pointed out that the decision to place all of them in pre-trial detention on mainland France was entirely unexpected and that liberties and detention, which took place behind closed doors, were never discussed during discussions with the judge. in an unusual way.

The lawyer in Noumea justified the move “Due to the sensitivity of the procedure and to allow investigations to proceed peacefully, without any pressure or fraudulent suggestion”. 11 people were arrested on Wednesday during a wide-ranging raid targeting CCAT, alleged supporters of violence in the South Pacific archipelago over the past six weeks since the suspension by Emmanuel Macron of the electorate.

Specifically charged with complicity in attempted murder, theft by organized gang with a weapon, destruction of property of others by organized gang endangering the public and participation in criminal association. crime

Nine people were remanded in pre-trial detention. “Decision in accordance with the pleas of the counsel and the request of the trial judges”, the lawyer said. Two of the accused, including Joël Tjibau, one of the four sons of independence leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou, who was assassinated in 1989, requested an adjourned hearing. Two of the eleven accused were placed under judicial custody.

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“Return to Queue”

In the camp without freedom, there is contentment. “For now, the government seems to be moving in the right direction with a return to order and the deployment of alleged sponsors to mainland France.”AFP answered by Renaissance Deputy (2nd Constituency) Nicholas Metsdorf, this time a candidate for the next legislative election in the 1st Constituency.

“They have been arrested, this is a first step. From now on, if we realize their guilt, they should be punished severely. We are still in the legal position, we are still in France, in New Caledonia.Elected official continued the reporter of the voter silencing bill.

CCAT said it will hold a press conference on Tuesday. FLNKS will hold political office in a week, ahead of its congress on July 13, AFP learned from a close source. The curfew in effect from Saturday, May 14 has been extended till July 1 (8 pm to 6 am).

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