Thou shall not snore! A Godsend for millions of people from the US based ‘Sleep Number’

Konstantin Sheiko
January 11, 2018

All of us have experienced the following situation at some point - you are pretty tired and ready to go to bed. Sweet sleep is almost upon you, while the feeling of your bed’s warm comfort envelops your battered body. And all of a sudden you are rudely awoken by the sound of this terribly loud noise that can only be one thing – snoring… And, all of a sudden, it dominates your tired perception. In the dead of the night, this noise is worse than roars of thunder, gusts of wind or the pounding of icy hail – these we can get used to, eventually. But snoring, with its deafening rasping lows and high-pitched croaks is impossible to tolerate, or get accustomed to. What makes matters even worse, snoring often comes from the person we love, and share a marital bed with. If not properly addressed, in the long run, snoring might become a lethal, deadly factor affecting your marriage.

Most people in this situation are forced to simply move to another place to sleep. When it happens on a regular basis, intimacy fails between the couple. As a rule, the word ‘divorce’ is connected to infidelity, different expectations regarding where the relationship was supposed to go, financial factors, and even marrying too young. One factor that is often neglected, ignored or forgotten as a major cause of divorce in the world is snoring. As crazy as that may seem, snoring is something that affects millions of people around the world and when ignored by your spouse or significant other, can lead to resentment, anger and, eventually, divorce.

Snoring is the leading medical reason for divorce among Americans and third leading cause, trailing only infidelity and financial problems. According to statistics, around forty percent of all adults over the age of thirty are the snorers. Blame it on the lack of sleep and the stress that ensues, or the lack of intimacy that results from couples not sleeping together, but the truth is that people with snoring issues and those that live with them often find themselves angry and resentful toward one another. With snoring being a problem for millions of people around the world, how can you ensure that your relationship does not end up as another statistic in this area?

Apart from purely medical options, one can try to look for a solution to this problem in the world of high-tech devices. The United States-based company ‘Sleep Number’ has developed a smart bed that can automatically adjust itself in order to stop one from snoring and provides maximum comfort for a sound sleep. The ‘smart bed’, unveiled by ‘Sleep Number’ at the CES 2018 trade show in Las Vegas, automatically adjusts to help both partners sleep comfortably all night. Shelly Ibach, CEO of ‘Select Comfort’, the US-based manufacturer that produces the Sleep Number mattresses announced that this new bed design heralds “the future of the sleep”.

These smarts are paired with an adjustable base that will tilt your head upwards if you start snoring in the middle of the night. It is also equipped with an automatic snore detection and adjustment. The adjustable base automatically adjusts to each sleeper's ideal position throughout the night. For example, if someone is snoring on their back, the base automatically raises the snorer's head seven degrees to help temporarily relieve the symptoms of common, mild snoring in otherwise healthy adults. Some lights underneath the frame will turn on automatically when you get up in the middle of the night. The bed's underlying platform, SleepIQ, will even liaise with your favorite apps, such as Fitbit and Nest, to further learn and adapt to your body.

The bed’s mattress provides self-adjusting comfort throughout the night. As sleep positions change during the night, each partner can sleep comfortably. The technology adjusts the bed's comfort in real time via the two air chambers inside the mattress - gently contouring to each partner's side, back or stomach profiles. In other words, the bed is intelligent enough to adapt to your every move. As you toss and turn in the night, the bed will automatically recognize this movement and naturally contour to your body. 

It will also adjust the firmness of the mattress so if you need more support for your back, for instance, you will receive the necessary assistance without lifting a finger. The mattress also knows the user's bedtime routine and warms the foot of the bed automatically. Smart alarm feature wakes people up when they are in their lightest stage of sleep during their desired wake-up time window. It is a super comfortable mattress, with just the right balance of squishiness and rigid support. Secondly, it is positively monstrous, positioning your body high above the floor.

The necessary sensors, motors and dual air chambers in the mattress obviously do not come cheap. This unit will certainly be somewhat more expensive than the beds we normally buy, costing between 4000 to 8000 dollars per piece. But in return, people would be getting a completely different luxury level of nighttime comfort. Whether that's worth it, is a personal preference – but those that are experiencing marital problems because of snoring will argue that you cannot put a price on a good night's sleep. The smart bed received the CES Innovation Awards "Best of Innovation" Honouree in the Home Appliances category.