Instagram to let users add music to stories

BEAM Staff
May 7, 2018

Instagram is looking to add music to its Stories features, according to code found on its Android version. Yet to be released, it would allow users to add songs to stories through stickers. This follows Facebook striking licensing deals with large record labels.

The discovery comes just days after Facebook and Instagram said they would allow third-party apps to share directly to their stories feature. In their continued effort to outcompete Snapchat, the original inventor of the stories format, Instagram can now integrate with apps such as Soundcloud, Spotify and many others.

New features that are set to launch on Instagram also include QR-scannable name tags that will users follow each other, video calling, which got its debut at Facebook's F8 conference and Focus mode, which will allow for better portraits.

Once live, Instagram users will be able to search for music to overlay on their stories through stickers, navigating tabs on moods and trending items. The exact way in which sound will be integrated and whether it will link out to a partner page is yet to be detailed.

Other than continuing to grow against Snapchat, this feature lets Instagram thwart off other potential rivals such as unicorn, A particularly popular app amongst kids and teens, it was acquired by Chinese conglomerate Bytedance for near $1 billion. Its primary focus was to let users record, edit and broadcast short clips focusing on particular songs. At the time of the acquisition, had 60 million monthly active users. 

Photo via Wikipedia Commons / Santeri Viinamaki