Steven von Kust expresses his fears: “Easing isolated rules is not a very good idea”

Various health ministers of our country are discussing the rules of testing and isolation on Monday evening. At the table: As is already the case in France and the United States, the isolation period for high-risk contact persons may be reduced.

“This is not a good idea”On radio1, virologist Steven von Kust responded. “Isolated rules prevent people from getting sick”, He explains.

“As long as we maintain the rules of isolation, we did it better. Otherwise, we’re more likely to spread the virus, and we’re getting more infections and sick people.”, Added the virologist. “If we give more space to the virus, we will take care of it in hospitals as well.”

Steven von Kucht, on the other hand, begs to reduce the period of isolation of victims if he believes that reducing isolation is not a good thing for those at high risk. “Victims should be isolated for 10 days. That is a long time; that was a year ago, despite the alpha variation, some were still vaccinated. In the meantime, many have been vaccinated, or cured, and these ten days may be a bit longer.”, He explains.

As for the testing technique, the virologist is not in favor of change, even though he knows that if more infections occur in the coming weeks, the ability to test will know its limits. To him, the only good advice: “After high-risk contact, stay in isolation for five days, and be extra careful for five days. Wear the FFP2 mask throughout this time. During this time, do not go out to restaurants or do anything else. Please.”

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