Skincare Expert Recommends 4 TJ Maxx Products to Avoid. What Are They?

You’re ruining your face if you let any of these popular beauty products touch your skin. And that seems to be the message behind Isabella.@elevengenzthetician) A viral video on TikTok where she walks into TJ Maxx and tells people about specific items and brands to avoid.

While many thought she was right with her professional opinions, others said they had a lot of fun using some of the products she mentioned in her video.

1. Retinol wipes

“A makeup artist’s nightmare,” Isabella writes in a caption on the video before showing off a pink package of Precision Beauty’s “Makeup Remover and Cleansing Wipes” that contain retinol.

She wonders about the ingredient, writing, “Like why does your makeup remover need retinol?”

Seoul Pharmaceutical Products He writes that retinol is a great addition to a skincare routine, as it “wins the title of supreme in the skincare category,” while going on to explain that it is “a derivative of vitamin A,” and “rules the roost in anti-aging efforts.”

However, the same company pointed out that this substance is not really effective when it comes to removing makeup from the face. In fact, the article wrote, “Let’s jump into this ocean of inquiries with the $64,000 question: Does retinol remove makeup? Well, guys, it can about as well as a goldfish riding a bike in the Tour de France. In other words, it, um… Check notes…it doesn’t have the power to. Retinol is, essentially, a beauty miracle but it’s definitely not a makeup remover.

2. Kylie Skin

Retinol in makeup wipes wasn’t the only beauty product Isabella called out in the video. She went on to criticize Kylie Skin: “No way,” she wrote of the brand’s cleansing toner.

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A Reddit user posted on the site’s r/KUWTK page their review of Kylie’s skin and stated that they believe the brand is being unfairly dragged online by “skin influencers”They wrote that they enjoyed the product. But many people in the comments section disagreed.

“I used Kylie Skin and didn’t have any severe acne just some bumps that made my skin look worse,” one wrote. “I started using Dove and Cerave soap and it has done wonders for me.”

Many have delved into the controversy surrounding Kylie’s skincare line, with some claiming that the ingredients put into the reality TV personality’s products weren’t exactly natural. Top quality or it was too abrasiveThis included an honest assessment by A dermatologist who seemed to have only one positive thing to say. I say about Kylie’s product: “The bottle was cute.”

3. Mario Badescu

As for Mario Badescu products, which were the next victim in Isabella’s video, the beauty expert’s criticism seemed more blunt: “The skincare products are bad,” she said.

In 2023, Green issues A “class action lawsuit” was reported. The brand was sued for including steroids in its products “without disclosing it on the label,” adding that “steroids can be harmful to your skin when not prescribed by a doctor,” meaning customers were using potentially harmful substances and had no idea they were doing so.

Another product Isabella critiques is Conair’s True Glow microdermabrasion tool.

“I know that anyone who buys it will destroy their skin barrier and bruise their face,” she said of the product she found at TJ Maxx for $9.99 before the video cut out.

@elevengenzthetician I can’t wait to read the hate comments on this topic. #Beauty expert ♬ Use This If You’re Gay – Alex ♱

Many users in the comments section seemed to agree with most of her sentiments, with one user writing: “The retinol in makeup remover wipes is actually a solid.”

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While another joked: “Nothing feels better than putting retinol on your eyelids when you remove your mascara.”

However, it seems that skincare really lies in the… skin of the beholder, as many people have noted that they have enjoyed using Mario Badescu products and that they have done wonders for their face.

“I love Mario Badescu’s work,” said one.

Another replied, “Same thing honestly it really helped with my acne.”

“No, these Mario sprays definitely cleared up my skin, I always have to restock,” said another.

Others thought it was strange that so many TJ Maxx skincare products had retinol in their ingredient list: “I swear every single product at tjmaxx has retinol in it, it’s unbelievable.”

But others pointed to specific ingredients in skincare products as the main problem with these products: “As consumers, we question this too!! Everything with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide in it and why!!!”

Another person disagreed with Isabella’s comment on Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics: “Unpopular opinion that Kylie’s moisturizer is actually one of the best products I’ve used.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Kylie Cosmetics, Mario Badescu, Conair, Precision Beauty, TJ Maxx, and Isabella via email for more information.

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