Severe thunderstorms in Corsica: 3 dead, including a teenage girl, in a campsite

Violent storms that hit the Mediterranean basin since Tuesday left at least 3 dead and twelve injured, one seriously injured in a camp in Corsica on Thursday, and numerous rescue operations at sea and ‘various injuries’ on the west coast ‘ of the island.

The number of violent storms in Corsica rose to 3 on Thursday, as we were told that a 46-year-old French tourist in Calvi was killed when a tree fell on his bungalow. Kors Province.

A 23-year-old Italian is in absolute emergency, a victim of a falling tree in the same Calvi pine forest, we learned from the same source.

In Corse-du-Sud, a 13-year-old girl and a 72-year-old woman died, and 12 others were injured, including an absolute emergency, the province of Corse-du-Sud previously indicated.

“An exceptional wind speed of 224 km/h has just been measured”

Several interventions also took place at sea, especially in the Ajazian coast of Piana, Gogia, Carcassé and Riganto, the province said.
Also, EDF Coors has announced that 45,000 customers are without power across the island.

Météo-France announced that Corsica is on orange alert until 11:00 this Thursday morning. “Severe thunderstorms on west coast with very strong winds”. “An exceptional wind speed of 224 km/h was measured at the Marignana station (note: about thirty kilometers from Chacon) on the exposed part of the west coast” of the island, Météo France announced on its Twitter account at 08:30.

Rain continues to fall in the south-east of France

On Tuesday and Wednesday, there were heavy thunderstorms, and many sectors in the south-east of France were put on orange alert until Wednesday evening.

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According to Météo-France, the village of Lauroux, sixty kilometers from Montpellier, received significant amounts of rain, up to 123 millimeters, but the damage was minimal.

A restaurant surrounded by water in Marseille

In Marseille, marine firefighters, experience “Peak of calls from 9:30 pm to midnight”, Seven people had to be helped in the east of the city who were unable to get out of their vehicles and were accompanied by customers (70 people) of a restaurant surrounded by water who could not return home.

However, no one isat risk”, they told AFP. Marseille mayor Benoit Payon said on Twitter that more water had fallen “In 24 hours from the beginning of the year”.

The city of Cassis experienced a strong surge in its port, in the presence of tourists, but without any injuries, according to firefighters.

In Gard and Vaucluse, the evening was hit hard, the rain producing only interludes “Normal” Depending on the emergency services.

On Wednesday afternoon, rain and hail fell north of Saint-Etienne (Loire), causing traffic difficulties for cars and trains, with tens of centimeters of water or hail falling in some areas.

The south of Lyon was affected by flooding, particularly the municipalities of Faisin and Saint-Germain Laval, where the Chemical Valley is located.

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