Seven injured in Lufthansa flight!

A Lufthansa Airbus 330 en route from Texas to Germany encountered violent turbulence, causing panic and several injuries.

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The Lufthansa flight encountered severe turbulence It flew over the state of Tennessee in the east-central United States. At least seven passengers sustained minor injuries. After being hit by objects thrown into the cabin.

The incident took place overnight from Thursday to Friday. Flight 469 had departed from Austin, Texas and was en route to Frankfurt, Germany. An hour and a half after the flight took off there was “significant” turbulence. The Airbus 330 was at an altitude of approximately 11,000 meters.

According to the passenger report, the surprise happened after the food was served. Very rarely does anyone fasten their seat belt. There was no sign of him taking his seat. And several passengers were in the lavatory.

“It’s like an unexpected free fall from the top of a roller coaster for five seconds, Plates and glasses were on the roof and my bag on the floor flew right behind me,” one passenger told CNN.

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The incident forced the pilot to divert his course to Virginia and make an emergency landing At Washington Dulles International Airport.

The agency said it was an “apparent wind turbulence” event. A type of atmospheric disturbance that may occur without being associated with a severe or visible event, such as a thunderstorm.

The injured were given immediate aid before landing. Once on the ground, 7 passengers were taken to hospital Another 12 people were treated at the airport.

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