RTL Today – Snow, accidents, breakdowns: a troubled evening on Luxembourg roads

Snow affected traffic on Luxembourg roads overnight from Friday to Saturday. Apart from the accidents, many vehicles were slowed or blocked by snow across the country.

Last night’s snowfall in Luxembourg caught motorists by surprise. Between the unswept roads, vehicles stuck in the snow, and accidents, it’s important to redouble our vigilance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Despite the weather conditions, emergency services found only two accidents on the country’s roads on Friday evening. The first relates to a car and a tree between Lulange and Bowange. One person was injured. Second, two vehicles collided in Rue Mathias Ganges in Deutelong. One person was also injured in the accident.

However, when it comes to minor incidents, at least three trucks are known to have stopped in the north of the country without any break-ins. Near Waldorf, several small road exits were found. Questionable: Accumulation of ice that has turned some areas into true ice rings.

All this despite the abundant snowfall across the country. Fortunately, on major axes, traffic was able to move more or less normally. In some places, motorists had to be content with driving on a single track, such as the road to Echernach, but to avoid accidents.

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