RTL Infos – Spectacular flooding: Majorca airport closed Tuesday evening, Luxair flight affected

Waterlogged runways, flooded shops and buses, staff bathing around the runways: the images that reached us from Mallorca airport on Tuesday were unusual.

Heavy rain is causing significant flooding in Majorca, Spain’s Balearic archipelago. According to the Spanish Meteorological Agency, 43.8 liters per square meter in one hour In some places.

The airport area was particularly affected, delaying flights and making it difficult for planes to land. Mallorca’s airport was closed on Tuesday following spectacular flooding. Scheduled operations and flight conditions in the evening. Among them, A Luxair flight to bring 120 passengers to Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Airlines reported overnight that “was working hard“All affected should be accommodated. Luxair Apparently not a single company was affected.

According to local media, About a hundred flights were delayed or canceled. Operations resumed this morning, as can be read in Agencia EFE. For its part, Luxair plans to operate two flights today to bring stranded passengers to their safe harbor.

Spectacular pictures

On Tuesday, spectacular images reached us from Mallorca Airport.

Submerged runways and several parts of the airport were seen under water.

In videos posted by passengers, we saw water seeping through the roof and flooding a “duty free” shop.

Similar footage was shot in the baggage claim area. Windows no longer retain water.

Some passengers also filmed the buses that were supposed to take them to their flights being completely flooded.

Finally, some made fun of the situation, as we saw near the airport runways, with an airport employee who landed in the water.

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