Returning from a drunken evening, Kay’s friends make a gruesome discovery in the bathroom of their Airbnb.

At around 1.30am on May 1, Kay Reid was found dead in an Airbnb apartment in Liverpool by her friends, tabloid The Daily Mirror reports. The 29-year-old had attended a bachelorette party with a group of friends. The young woman, from North Yorkshire, spent the afternoon partying in front of her friends.


In the evening, a depressed young woman goes to her bedroom. It was then that one of his friends, Louise, found him passed out in the bathroom. Despite the intervention of emergency services, the young woman died. New information has been revealed in the investigation that the death of the young woman may have been due to alcohol consumption. On the evening of April 30, a group of young women went to the Alma de Cuba bar party and then returned to the residence around 12:30 p.m. An hour later, Kay died. “The alcohol consumed is more than what made Kay unconscious,” said expert Abnitha Bhardwaj. “K vomited and inhaled stomach acid into his upper airway, resulting in his death.”

As a tribute, Kay’s friends have decided to create a page in her memory.

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