Putin: ‘We are facing the most dangerous decade’ since World War II

The world is entering its “most dangerous” decade since World War II, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Thursday, saying the conflict in Ukraine was an example of a struggle against Western dominance.

“We are at a historic moment. We are facing a very dangerous, very important, very unpredictable decade.” [In1945thefirstRussianleaderspokeattheVoldaiForuminMoscow[1945முதல்ரஷ்யதலைவர்மாஸ்கோவில்வால்டாய்விவாதமன்றத்தில்பேசினார்

“The West cannot lead the world without clear unity, but it is desperately trying, and most of the world’s people cannot accept it”, He confirms and therefore determines the planet “Revolutionary Situation”.

According to him, the attack on Ukraine is part of this “The Tectonic Shift of the Whole World Order”. “Russia will never accept dictates from the aggressive, neo-colonial West”He further mentions the changes “unavoidable” Inside “World Order”.

Not long ago, he described his conflict with the West, particularly in the context of the offensive against Ukraine, as Russia’s struggle for survival.

“Russia does not challenge the West, Russia defends its right to exist”, He repeated, accusing Americans and other Westerners of wanting to “Wipe (Russia) off the map, wipe it out” In fresh accusations against its geopolitical rivals for supporting and arming Ukraine against Russian soldiers.

The “dirty bomb”: an appeal to the IAEA

A. on Russian accusations of creating Q “dirty bomb”, The Kremlin master asked the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to surrender “as soon as possible” In Ukraine.

“The IAEA wants to come (…). We are for it as quickly and widely as possible, because we know that the Kyiv authorities are doing everything to hide the traces of these products”he said. “We know roughly where it is being done (in Ukraine)”, added the Russian leader.

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According to him, Kiev wants to use such a radioactive weapon “Later it can be said that Russia carried out the nuclear attack”, Mr. Putin reiterated that he had asked his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.‘”information” their western counterparts.

The latter actually met with the US, Chinese, French, Turkish and British defense ministers in recent days, with exchanges of unprecedented intensity since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine on February 24 – just over a few hours.

Ukraine and its Western allies widely condemned the allegations. “blatantly false” of Russia.

We never talked about the possibility of using nuclear weapons

Vladimir Putin compared his past comments on the possibility of using nuclear weapons, believing he was only responding to threats from his adversaries. “We never talked about the possibility of using nuclear weapons. We only hinted in response to statements from other countries,” The Russian president promised.

According to him, Ukraine and the West claim that Moscow is playing nuclear expansion “Look at Russia! Don’t cooperate with her!” Influencing neutral countries so to speak.“America is the only country in the world to have used nuclear weapons against non-nuclear nations” Mr. Putin accused.

Discussed and judged the economic condition of his country “Peak of Troubles” There was economy “past”. According to him, “The Russian economy has been transformed (…) what is happening will ultimately benefit Russia and its future (…) including the economic sector”

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