PSA about Diablo 4’s “early” Season 1 launch this week

While at this point Blizzard has been widely announcing that Diablo 4 season 1, Season of the Malignant, begins July 20th, there’s a little warning as to what people may not know.

In order to prepare for the actual seasonal season patch He’ll be out two days early, on Tuesday July 18th instead. While it’s true that the season itself hasn’t started, you can’t create a seasonal character or start a new seasonal story or mechanics, it’s an “early launch” of at least some important things before the season itself.

On July 18th, the sprawling balancing act, the largest since the game launched, will be on display before the start of the season. Patch notes will come out and we’ll see which classes, aspects, and unique shapes get polished or strengthened, and then see how those all feel in practice. Everyone expects some of the most powerful builds in the game to be nerfed to some extent, which is likely for you It builds, but there should be some significant improvements as well, and you can either give it a try if you can switch up your build without too much trouble, or it might change your perspective on which seasonal character to start with.

there is more. This will also indicate the release of the new legendary game and unique aspects. These will start appearing directly in the Eternal World prior to the season, so you can farm them on your existing characters and possibly change or improve your existing builds as a result of new events. Obviously you’ll still have to deal with the larger variety of aspects and shapes out there, but the possibility of planting them will be there a couple of days before the season. Each new Season will add new Aspects and Uniques that drop into both the Eternal and Seasonal Realms.

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Finally, after this patch goes live, even if you don’t feel like farming, you’ll want to at least log in to your character with the most progress for things like clearing the map’s fog, slaying Lilith and notoriety. The new system in place means that the game will flag this progression from that character and pass it on to all of the alternates and also to your next seasonal character, so they don’t have to start completely from scratch. You Can Do this after the launch of the season, but you can also start with it, as this can be done when the patch is over.

Of course you can also work on other things, more fog and altar cleaning. Finish the Campaign so your seasonal characters can skip it and get to farming Malicious Hearts faster (Campaign completion is a season requirement). But yeah, a number of components come into play before the season starts like balance updates and new loot. So feel free to jump in a little early starting on Tuesday.

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