‘People scream, no privacy or shower, and toilets … indescribable’ (video)

Lack of water, privacy and clean toilets are almost the only details in this hell. People are screaming, health is leaving something to be desired, the conditions of these isolations are pathetic … in short, nothing is right!

After all, it was in Shanghai that a Belgian noticed it, as HLN puts it.

The Chinese city has been in jail for several weeks due to outbreak cases of the corona virus. Since the onset of the epidemic, cases have never been higher, with nearly a quarter of a million daily contaminants.

But with its very dense population, solutions must be found to allow “covetous-zero”. These solutions are inhumane… “Children and infants separated from their parents, maternity men sleeping on the floors of shops, residents shouting anti-government slogans from their buildings, while drones keep quiet”. Makes you shiver.

26 million people in Shanghai are not allowed to leave their homes and cannot even go to the supermarket.

“Conditions there are getting harder, especially for older people who don’t have a smartphone,” Carl Lindell, 51, explains to HLN. Bruges resident has been living in Shanghai for eight years. “Food at home is exhausted and the whole city is now trying to order food online from some delivery services that still have staff. Deliverers sleep on the floor of the store or are isolated. ⁇

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“So, you have to be constantly online to register first when the stores deliver the parcels. Real competition for food. We still have enough, because we live in the eastern part of the city and the density there is very low.”

Roland Smith, less fortunate RTL news correspondent. “We have been rationed. The fridge is almost empty. The neighbors have been eating cookies and crisps for days and the medicine is no longer available.”

At least 26 hospitals in Shanghai no longer accept patients. Citizens are only allowed to test, which is every 48 hours.

Carl continues: “We have to self-examine every day and upload its results through a processor. Only then can the authorities control it. Positives are sent to “isolated camps”

These can only come out if tested continuously for 5 days.

A 20-year-old Chinese woman testifies: “I stayed in a camp for 13 days. This is a virus nest. The world needs to see what is happening here. When I arrived, I was given a bracelet with the identification number on it. We are like cattle! There were up to 5,000 people. No drugs, no disinfection … Privacy was everywhere. There was no rainwater, the toilets were so dirty they were unusable and all smelled bad. People are sleeping in the trash. And the lights are on all night. ⁇

At the height of the horror, the owner of a small dog was shot and killed by an employee of an isolated center after being tested positive for the corona virus. Authorities denied the allegations.

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