Pension reform in France: Police intervene to evict protesters in Paris (photos and videos)

I amAFP journalists noted that thousands of demonstrators gathered against the pension reform on the Place de la Concorde in central Paris on Thursday evening.


French Government Pension

France-Politics-Government-Pensions-Demo (2)

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According to the Capital City (PP) Police Headquarters, police swung into action, particularly with water cannons, after an attempt to damage the base of the obelisk in the center of the square. AFP journalists reported that the interventions caused large crowds in the square.

“Anger” or “rebellion”: Several thousand demonstrators gathered in several French cities on Thursday against the pension reform and the Article 49.3 trigger, sometimes turning into tense demonstrations into the evening.

Demonstrations across France

Incidents also erupted in other cities, such as Marseille in Canberra, where masked youths smashed a bank branch window and a billboard, while others set fire to rubbish bins, shouting “Down with the government, the police and the bosses”. ” said the AFP reporter.

In Amiens, between 1,000 and 1,500 demonstrators marched, according to the province, where the CRS used tear gas, as in Lille. In Dijon, where 700 people gathered, some “attacked and damaged police”, while a mannequin with the president’s image was set alight, the province said.

Demonstration in Amiens.
Demonstration in Amiens. – photograph.

In Lyon, a demonstration of around 400 people gathered in front of the prefecture around 5pm to shout “Macron resign”. Several thousand people gathered in Toulouse, AFP noted.

Lyons. – AFP

In Lille, several hundred people gathered in the Place de la République.

Lily. – photograph.

Lily. – AFP

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