Overwatch 2 fans are tired of Pharah

Like any other competitive game, the meta for Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch 2 In a constant state of flux. Sometimes a new hero emerges such as mawja These characters are dominant when they first appear and must be reined in with some negative effects and adjustments. Other times, a series of changes will cause characters to rise to the top of the tier lists. This is what is happening now with Pharah, the rocket-launching plane. compassionate lesbian The heroine who first appeared in 2016 but found her newfound dominance after a recast and some sweeping changes. While this turn of events may seem beneficial for the character, it Overwatch 2 Players hate Farah like they’re Kendrick Lamar and she’s Drake.

So why has Farah become a nuisance to the average citizen? Overwatch 2 Player? It all started in February when Received rework Pro players initially thought this might cut into some of the more popular hero combos like the classic Pharah/Mercy duo due to her increased horizontal mobility. But Pharah still rains rockets down on enemy teams thanks to her improved movement options, and the support hero still follows her around and boosts her damage with relative ease. Even without Mercy, she can secure a lot of kills with her rocket launcher alone, so without any of these drawbacks, Pharah is very strong. “oppressive” It is made Overwatch 2 Boring gameplay in the eyes of some players.

These are the broad strokes of the average player, but Farah’s dominance also comes as part of some technical details in Mid-season patch for season 10This update returned shields (a type of health that some champions like Orissa and Brigitte have) to their original function, which involves reducing damage against most projectiles. This was in addition to her not being affected by the tank buffs that reduce headshot damage, as her rocket launcher doesn’t need a precise shot to the skull to get maximum damage. Farah is one of the most reliable DPS champions in terms of output and is more difficult to counter thanks to her increased mobility.

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“I wasn’t afraid to see Farah before, now I am,” Koboldoggo4895 wrote on Blizzard Forums“Now when I see Pharah, I know the match is going to be completely unfunny. I really don’t know why they boosted her. I don’t know how she plays at higher levels, and I don’t really care because I don’t play there and basically do QP, but she’s a demonic entity here and I can’t stand her.”

My gut reaction to seeing Pharah’s enemy is the same as most players: pick a hero who can hit you and shoot him into the sky. But Overwatch 2 Fans are never thrilled about being forced to play specific heroes just to deal with the meta of the month. Some claim that even with counter-options like Soldier: 76 or Cassidy, Widely loved game Blizzard has implemented measures that have made managing Pharah more difficult.

“I think the biggest change that people forget about is health buffs,” shape2k Written on Reddit“The health has gone up, but the damage hasn’t. As a main hero in Cass, it was always easy to hit Pharah in the sky, and the projectile sizes didn’t really make it any easier. But taking her down has become significantly harder due to her higher health.”

fans I felt satisfied after Overwatch 2 Director Aaron Keller posted Director’s Opinion Blog This included the win rates of some heroes, putting Pharah at the top of the list of all characters at 58%. What remains to be seen is whether Pharah will be weakened, or whether she will continue to bring justice to her enemies for another season. Overwatch 2Season 11 It started last month.which means the mid-season patch is likely a few weeks away. No doubt some fans will head over to the damage-dealing heroes section and search for Pharah’s name.

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