OpenAI suggests it will destroy startups that use its technology to build products

“A lot of startups are dead today.”

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OpenAI has emerged as one of the leaders in the ongoing AI race, building on the massive popularity of its chatbot ChatGPT which has gained a massive amount of influence in the burgeoning industry.

Now, the company has sent a clear message to other startups in its ecosystem: If you use OpenAI products to make money, we may soon be ripping the rug out from under your feet.

Specifically, OpenAI A new update has been released to ChatGPT over the weekend which allows subscribers to upload PDF files to ChatGPT Plus, allowing the chatbot to summarize their content. While this may be a boon for office workers who are burdened with tending to endless PDF files, From the inside pointing to The move represents a devastating blow to companies that have built products that use OpenAI to help customers process PDF files.

It’s a stark reminder that the decisions of big tech companies can easily vaporize smaller players — perhaps more so than ever in the ever-changing AI entrepreneurship landscape.

“A lot of startups are dead today,” said Alex Kerr, founder of AI incubator P-ai. chirp. “It’s a cruel world out there.”


In a post on LinkedIn, product lead at payments giant Stripe Sahar Mor issued a stern warning.

“OpenAI just implemented a move that will wipe out dozens of AI companies,” he wrote, referring to “wrapped” companies that rely heavily on APIs, which are programming interfaces that allow software developers to talk to each other.

Other companies that linked their products to OpenAI’s were also in awe.

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“We are one of the ‘victims’ affected by this update,” says Alex Rebman, a data scientist who built the ChatGPT plugin that allows users to scan PDF files. chirp.

in vote, Rebman gauged whether people were willing to continue using his tool instead of OpenAI’s tools. The vast majority responded that their plugin would “see less use.”

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