Nvidia: Xbox’s acquisition of ActiBlizz will be good for cloud gaming

Boosteroid isn’t the only cloud gaming service that disagrees with the CMA’s decision to block Activision Blizzard’s Xbox acquisition.

Now, the giant graphics card Nvidia has gotten into the buzz on social media with its Twitter account “Nvidia GeForce Now” – noting that the Microsoft acquisition would be “good” for cloud gaming. This is exactly what she said:

“GeForce NOW and other cloud game providers will have a deeper game catalog if Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision completes. We see this as a benefit for cloud gaming and hope for a positive resolution.”

It’s worth noting how in February Microsoft struck a deal with Nvidia to bring Xbox (and eventually Activision Blizzard games) to GeForce Now (the company’s cloud gaming service), entering into another 10-year agreement.

At the time, Jeff Fisher, vice president of Nvidia GeForce, made the following comments:

‚ÄúCombining the incredibly rich catalog of first-party games from Xbox with the high-performance streaming capabilities of GeForce NOW will propel cloud gaming into a premier offering that will appeal to gamers at all interest and experience levels. Through this partnership, more of the world’s most iconic titles will be available. Now from the cloud with one click, and playable by millions of other players.”

Although the CMA blocked Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard over concerns about cloud gaming, Microsoft said it remains “fully committed” and will appeal the decision.

Reportedly, Xbox president Phil Spencer told employees that this acquisition isn’t the entirety of the company’s gaming strategy moving forward.

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