Nuclear power: Germany to extend two power plants and blame France

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck announced on Tuesday that two German nuclear power plants will become operational in the winter of 2023 as several French reactors become unavailable.

To ensure energy supply in Germany, “The Izar 2 plant (near Munich) and Neckarwestheim (southwest) will be connected in the first quarter of 2023.“, due to”The situation in France is worse than expectedHe said at a press conference in Berlin.

The environment minister is going further than planned a few weeks ago: on September 5, he announced that he wants to keep these two power plants ready until the spring of 2023 and use them for the last time. Energy emergency.

But based on the power outlook for the winter in France given on September 14, Mr. Habeck assessed the situation as worse than previously expected. Driving the point home, he said “In the past, operator EDF’s reports have often proved very positive“.

The decision to extend these two German power plants confirms an about-face already made on September 5 by the environment minister, whose party is historically deeply anti-nuclear.

According to the nuclear phase-out schedule decided by Angela Merkel after the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan, Mr. Habeck returned.

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