Nobody outside that room knows

Jonathan is from Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania

How likely is the Packers to pick a quarterback in this draft?

Sean is from Vermontville, Michigan

good morning GUYES! Galen Hurts got paid (which is good for him!). It now accounts for about a quarter of the Eagles’ salary cap. Do you anticipate a day when the NFLPA or the league sets the annual price for individual contracts? It seems unsustainable to me for QBs to continue to hit that much of the team cap each year.

will not change. The union would never restrict the earning power of any particular member, and the promotional league wanted big stars with huge contracts. In the immortal words of Captain Jack Ross, I can’t stop him anymore.

Really loving Tailgate Tour coverage, the old Prospect Primers and Cliff series., Bucks and Brewers are doing their part to get you going this snowy week. MLB’s pitch clock implementation makes games more enjoyable than the 3 1/2 hour games of the past. What is the easiest/best change the NFL could make to reduce average playing times to three hours? More

The average is about three hours now, which is why the league is still very reluctant to expand replay review, which could lengthen matches. Reducing commercial breaks would certainly shorten games, but then again, that doesn’t happen.

John is from Stevens Point, Wisconsin

How important is this draft for the future of Coach Lafleur and Geoconest?

Ron from Broken Arrow, ok

Mike, with a little over a week left in the draft, is the Packers draft board set, or does that continue until next week?

I imagine it’s fine tuned now. The past few meetings may result in an adjustment here or there, but barring some shocking news being revealed, homework is done.

What’s the weirdest Packers jersey you’ve seen by a fan? In 2008, I almost bought a Brian Brohm jersey before my brother ripped me off. I can’t help but be glad I didn’t get it, but also wonder how fun it would be to wear it today and see how many people still know who it is.

I saw someone wear a Harlan Hulkby shirt once. I can’t remember when or where, but I know I saw it.

JP is from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Insiders: The Packers have a lot of needs to trade or maybe stay at No. 15… Edge, TE, WR, S, QB, RB, OL. Packers do not separate one or two players. We hope they can find a business partner willing to work with. True, if the second coming of Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice, Bruce Smith or Barry Sanders is available at the age of 15, take it (just be sure to be correct in your assessment, right :). Otherwise, stock up on footage and try to fill those needs. ideas?

I have just described everything that makes drafting so intriguing and unpredictable. It’s about how the painting looks at the moment, and nobody knows that outside of that room.

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