Nintendo is beefing up security amid the game’s latest leak drama

Nintendo is beefing up its security and IT training after recent reports on how major announcements will play out It has been removed from the YouTube backend Before the main directions. The recognition of efforts to limit the disclosure of inside information by third parties comes as the leak scene emerges in the video game industry. Swallowed in the strange drama.

During Thursday’s annual shareholder meeting, Nintendo was asked about the recent reports before 404 media And others regarding data security issues at Google, according to the statements Copied by Twitter user NStyles And Translated by VGC. Reported incidents included references to an employee gaining access Yoshi’s Crafted World A trailer from the YouTube backend before the game was officially announced for Switch. Separate report by Indoor games It noted other incidents, and confirmed that many of the big gaming-related leaks come from data uploaded early to YouTube’s backend that was accessed by contractors.

according to VGCNintendo acknowledged the reports and said the company is using third-party security firms, new security system procedures and employee training to address issues related to the leaks. The Switch manufacturer doesn’t appear to have gone into detail about how it plugged the leaks, but fans have been speculating about the steps Nintendo is taking since the recent collapse of online game leaks last week.

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Online user Pyoro was one of the last remaining leakers who seemed to at least sometimes have solid sources of information, but they came up surprisingly dry ahead of June’s big Nintendo Direct event where the company surprisingly revealed a lot of first-party projects, including brand new mario and luigi RPG and top down Legend of Zelda Starring, for the first time, a playable princess. Contradictory news dump Determine the predictions of the mysterious Euro Early on, he seemed to present them as being out of information.

like Bloomberg According to reports at the time, fans quickly realized that unlike previous Nintendo Directs, many of the games announced didn’t immediately have their store pages posted on the eShop, suggesting that backdoor data from those listings may have been part of how Pyoro got their information. The leaker then took the incredibly bizarre step of leaking his own source to Bloomberg, stating that the source was a Nintendo employee in Japan and that “the backend theory is a reasonable guess” about where that person got his information from. Even more surprisingly, Pyoro later closed his account after stating that they did not expect their comments to a reporter to be included in a news article.

Store pages for games announced last week have only recently started appearing, including one revealing an unexpected $60 bonus Donkey Kong Country Returns in high quality. This is likely one of the steps Nintendo is taking to eliminate leaks, along with potentially changing how it interacts with video hosting services like YouTube. We will have a better idea of ​​how these strategies work when and if we do no Find out what announcements are coming in the future, including potential Switch 2 launch games.

Meanwhile, the video game leak scene remains a mess. It was recently revealed that Midori, another mysterious leaker, is a known male a personality Fan pretending to be Mysterious Japanese woman. Until a new champion emerges, superfans will just have to wait for the final press releases like everyone else.

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