Nikki Glaser’s Parents Express Regret Over Julia Roberts, Travis Kelce Comment

The latest celebrity to apologize? None other than comedian Nikki Glaser’s mom and dad, who said they were sorry for their comments about movie star Julia Roberts and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Travis Kelce, also known as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.

The famous daughter of Edward and Julie Glaser shared footage of them watching the Oscar-winning actress and athlete at a stop in Dublin during Swift’s tour. After seeing the footage of her putting her hands on his chest, Julie said: “It’s so disgusting.” Edward commented: “The scratching is weird.”

On Tuesday, they issued a cheeky apology, in another social media post by their daughter, who captioned it: “My parents discovered their harmless comments from my Instagram story that were picked up by the press…”

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Glaser recorded her parents in an informal conversation.

“I apologize now,” Julie said with a laugh. “I meant to say something weird, not something disgusting and weird.”

Parents laughed at the news about their comments.

Nikki Glaser, Julia Roberts, and Travis Kelce were part of the same viral moment.

Kevin Mazur/MTV Movie & TV Awards 2021/Getty; Philippe Farone/Getty; JC Oliveira/Getty

“They didn’t get my offer,” Edward joked. “I said, ‘She’s used to people giving in to whatever she wants.’ Then I said, ‘I’ll give in to whatever she wants.’”

The couple still agree that the scratch Roberts appeared to have made on Kelsey’s chest was not something they would have done.

“Julia Roberts is a good actress, but she’s a very bad flirt,” Jolie added.

Some Swifties showed up. I feel the same way..

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