“Modern Slavery”

In the UK, a Ukrainian refugee has filed a complaint against the UK host. Hannah Debenham, a 42-year-old mother and nurse, reportedly asked him to look after her home and babysit. The Ukrainian says Britain welcomed her into his home as a “modern-day slave”.

The nurse was subjected to an investigation lasting more than two months: ” It was the worst experience of my life. I thought I’d help. No thanks, no care, no respect from her “, he told DailyMail.

Complaint not resulting in legal proceedings due to lack of evidence: It could have ruined my life. If I had been charged, I would have had to report it at work and it would have been a permanent bar to my career. “, she continues.

According to the police report, the refugee was believed to be a victim of forced labour. She said she had to clean the house and look after Hannah’s children three days a week with little or no money. ” On July 20 Sussex Police received a complaint that a person had been forced to do forced labour […] It was deemed that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute and no further action would be taken. ” said the police inspector to our colleagues.

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