Minnie Driver Slams Donald Trump, Refuses to Live in Red State

After living in Los Angeles for 27 years, Minnie Driver is now back in London. But when asked if she could live in the US again if Donald Trump is re-elected president, the Good Will Hunting star said: “If I live in a red state, no, I wouldn’t be able to.”

“But living in California makes you a little isolated,” the actor continued, in Interview with The Times“But do you want to go and live in a bubble? Do you run away from the fire or come back and help?”

“Of course he deserves to be in prison — of course he deserves it,” said Driver, speaking just days after Trump was convicted of 34 felony counts in a New York trial. “But just looking at how much money he raised in those two days, $53 million in a 48-hour period, and the idea that the Founding Fathers — if there had been some mothers involved it might have been different — left no room in the Constitution for the idea that the American people could be stupid enough to vote for a felon, there’s nothing that the judiciary has reflected about what might happen if he wins. It’s confusing when you have the Secret Service actually scouting the prisons, saying, ‘What would this look like?’”

The “Beekeeper” and “Hard Rain” star added that the problem is not limited to Trump, but also includes “70 million people who really like some of the racist positions and the non-existent immigration policies and the dismantling of environmental agencies.”

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“They were always there, he didn’t create them,” she said of Trump’s followers. “They’re just a symptom, and now they have a mascot.”

Asked if she thought the political climate in the UK was any better, Driver said: “At least the memes are funnier. I’m more optimistic. Despite all the division in the UK, there seems to be a stronger connection between us. We have this discourse. We talk about it and laugh about it. We don’t pull out guns and shoot each other over it.”

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