Midterm elections in the United States: Republicans dominate the House, but a fierce battle in the Senate

Joe Biden’s Democratic Party fared better than expected in the US midterm elections. According to projections, the Republican camp is dominating the chamber by registering several victories, but its progress has been less than expected. In the Senate, the two parties are tied, so Republicans have yet to gain complete control of Congress, but a House with a Republican majority would be enough to limit or block all of President Joe Biden’s policies.

John Fetterman’s victory in Pennsylvania swings the Senate in favor of Democrats. In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis is establishing Republican dominance in the state and his personal ambitions for the White House.

Turnout during the last mid-term election was lower than in 2018, but it was the second highest in 50 years.

Former President Donald Trump, who is expected to announce his 2024 presidential run, has seen some of the candidates he supports lose in the polls.

A red wave, not a tidal wave

So it’s not”Red tide“, the color of Republicans, as some of them predicted, but the House of Representatives is on track to be controlled by Republicans, although Democrats have defeated them in several close contests.

At 1:30 p.m. (Belgium time), according to CNN, Democrats had 178 seats and Republicans 199 out of 435, with a majority set at 218. The results may still change because they were only obtained in 13. 53 constituencies are contested.

The atmosphere in the White House improved by the hour, and advisers who had been nervous earlier in the evening showed themselves more smiling later. Joe Biden posted a photo on Twitter showing him congratulating some of the newly elected officials on the phone.

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If they regain control of Congress, Republicans could block an increase in U.S. military aid to Ukraine, but analysts believe they could slow it down, not cut it off completely.

Stuart Cole, an economist at Equity Capital, said a symbiosis between a Democratic president and a House with a Republican majority would block any major tax reform and limit increases in public spending, leading the Federal Reserve to curb interest rate hikes.

Fetterman, a Democrat, wrested a key senatorial seat in Pennsylvania

On the Senate side, the two camps are currently tied: Democrats hold 48 seats, Republicans hold 100. Democrats have won an important seat in Pennsylvania. It was decisive for control of the Senate, with John Fetterman winning against the Trump nominee in Pennsylvania.

John Fetterman, a bald man weakened by a stroke in May, faced off against superstar surgeon Mehmet Oz in one of the most scrutinized fights of the midterm elections. “We bet on the people of Pennsylvania – you didn’t let us down. And I won’t let you down“, the Democrat responded, thanking voters.

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