Midsummer in the United States: Miami and Florida turn right

Like the rest of the “Sunshine State,” the tourist town of South Florida, a historic Democratic stronghold, is swinging heavily toward the Republicans. By ignoring Hispanic voters, the Biden camp is repeating the same mistakes Hillary Clinton made in 2016.

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BOr Maria Elvira Salazar and the Republicans of Miami, whose adventure began in an unassuming pharmacy on 36th Street in the Doral district, torn between a tobacconist, a nursery and a Chinese restaurant. With its flags in the colors of Latin America and red chairs, the community center of the Republican National Committee (RNC) launched an unprecedented project, which is considered very promising by this elegant 60-year-old congresswoman, the daughter of Cuban exiles: the practice of accelerated citizenship that allows candidates to pass the test necessary to obtain American citizenship. It’s an achievement for anything Republican overseeing in this corner of Miami, where 73% of Hispanic voters are.

It could single-handedly tip Florida’s election because it turned Miami-Dade County, home to 2.7 million people, into a “blue spot.”

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