Michael J Fox celebrates his amazing performance at Glastonbury Festival with Coldplay

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Michael J. Fox on stage at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday.


Michael J. Fox Glastonbury rocked.

The actor joined Coldplay on guitar to perform their hit song ‘Fix You’ at the huge UK music festival over the weekend, and celebrated by paying tribute to the band on social media.

“Love and thanks to Glastonbury @bad play The team that took great care of us. And many thanks to Chris, Will, Johnny, Jay and Phil. Fox wrotealong with a series of photos showing his time at the festival. “Oh yeah, in case you were wondering… it was absolutely amazing. There’s a time for every band and a band for every time. This is @bad playit is time.”

A video of their performance posted by the BBC showed lead singer Chris Martin turning the spotlight on Fox.

“Go Johnny, go, go, go,” Martin sang, quoting Fox’s famous rendition of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” from Back to the Future.

Martin told the crowd that Fox was instrumental in the formation of Coldplay.

“The main reason we were in the band was to watch Back to the Future,” he said. “Thank you to our forever hero and one of the most amazing people on the face of the Earth, Mr. Michael J. Fox. Thank you so much Michael, our hero.”

Fox previously played with Coldplay during a 2016 show in New Jersey.

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