Miami Airport Flooded With Mysterious Lime Green Liquid Dripping From Ceiling

Is it Independence Day or Halloween?

Travelers at Miami International Airport were in for a nasty surprise on July 4 when a strange, lime-green liquid began leaking through the ceiling and flooding a hallway.

Airport officials said the leak, which was not serious, came from a pipe in the airport’s G Hall around 9 a.m. Thursday.

Miami International Airport looked more like Halloween than the Fourth of July on Thursday. TNS
A runway at Miami International Airport was flooded by rainwater on Thursday.
Officials said it was caused by green water leaking from the air conditioning system.

Photos posted by Miami International Airport staff showed the runway covered in fluorescent liquid, as guards closed off the area and worked to clean up the mess.

“The valve feeding the pipe has been closed to stop the leak, and clean-up efforts are now underway,” an airport spokesman said in a statement.

Footage shared by passengers showed close-up shots of the liquid dripping from the walls, with the lemon-coloured mess making the entire waiting area inaccessible.

Airport staff were able to clean up the mess within 90 minutes. Miami International Airport/X

Officials said the mysterious liquid was actually water with a green tint that came from the building’s air conditioning system.

The airport representative said in the statement that the green dye is used to easily detect the leak and trace it to its source.

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