Meet 1-year-old Sonny from Arizona

He plays

the 2024 Gerber Baby He was crowned as the newest face of the famous brand.

Gerber announced Tuesday that the winner of the 14th annual photo search and Gerber’s new baby of the year is 1-year-old Akil McLeod, known as Sonny.

Sonny lives in Arizona with his parents Dominic and Akhil McLeod Sr. and older sister Sage, according to a statement from Gerber. He loves reading his ABC flex book, playing with toy cars, and watching soccer with his family.

“Every day I’m honored to watch Sonny conquer so many little accomplishments, from laughing, to trying new foods, to standing up and everything in between,” Dominic McLeod said in a statement. “He is a light in our lives and brings joy to everyone around him. We could not have asked for a better way to celebrate his first birthday than to be chosen as the Gerber Baby of 2024. We are looking forward to all the adventures next year teaming up with Gerber to share his beautiful smile with families in All over the country.

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Sonny “captured hearts with his cheerful smile” to become the 2024 Gerber Baby

“After 14 amazing years of searching for images, we are grateful this year that our former Gerber Baby families have joined us in choosing Sonny as our 2024 Gerber Baby of the Year,” Chandra Kumar, president of Nestlé Baby Nutrition, said in a statement. “Sonny instantly captured our hearts with his beaming smile and his family’s inspiring presentation of what it means to grow up with love.”

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Sonny was selected by a committee of Gerber employees as well as parents of former Gerber children. In addition to selecting Sony as Gerber Baby of the Year, Gerber announced Tuesday that 10 additional babies will be selected as winners of “Inchstone” moments that will be announced on the brand’s social media channels.

What does Gerber Baby win 2024?

As Gerber Baby of 2024, Sonny and his family received a cash prize of $25,000, free Gerber products for up to one year and a new wardrobe courtesy of Gerber Childrenswear, as well as prizes from other companies.

It will also be featured on Gerber’s social media channels and marketing campaigns throughout the year.

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