Mario Movie’s opening box office is expected to be the biggest in 2023 so far

Image: Nintendo/Lighting

After months of revealing trailers, posters, and merchandise, we’ve finally reached opening week Super Mario Bros movie (Opening week for Most, that it). As we prepare ourselves to slip on a (seemingly) ‘iconic’ pair of shorts and shoes, the anticipation for this weekend’s box office opening is already starting to build up, with Delivery timeThe latest movie preview positions the film’s initial grabs as the best of 2023 so far – Let’s go actually.

According to the outlet’s estimates (which are based on ticket sales, past showings, and release timing among other factors), the Mario movie is set to gross more than $225 million During its opening weekend, it broke down to $125 million+ in the US and Canada, and $100 million+ overseas.

Deadline’s prediction continues to show that a successful opening like this would provide the film with its biggest initial takings of the year so far, surpassing Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniawhich currently marks the best performance of 2023 at $225.3 million.

Of course, none of this is foolproof – though we’d be very surprised if the movie’s opening is anything other than huge at this point. Historically, Illumination films do well enough at the box office and with the added draw of a Nintendo IP and the timing of catching families in the middle of the Easter weekend, things are definitely working out in The Plumber’s favor. Make sure you check out Full deadline essay For all the details.

We took a look at some early reactions to the film last weekend that were generally positive. We’ll have to wait a little longer to get the critics’ thoughts, but we imagine a movie of this magnitude will likely appeal to audiences no matter what. We just have to wait and see.

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