March 14 War in Ukraine: Russo-US tensions in Black Sea, Kiev wants to protect Bagmouth at any cost

Fierce fighting continues for control of the city of Bakhmaut in eastern Ukraine. The Russians and Ukrainians are engaged in a “war of attrition” aimed at inflicting as many casualties on the enemy as possible. The defense of the city is “crucial” for maintaining the “stability of the frontline” in eastern Ukraine, the chief of staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said on Tuesday.

Mr. Following a meeting between Zelenskyi and key leaders of his army, the Ukrainian president assured in a press release that “all members of the general staff” had “expressed a common position regarding the continuation of holding and defending the city of Bagmouth”. .

In addition, AFP journalists noted that white phosphorus incendiary munitions were fired by the Russians on Tuesday in an uninhabited area of ​​Chasiv Yar near Bagmouth.

At the diplomatic level, discussions continue regarding an agreement on Ukrainian grain exports. According to the official Russian news agency TASS, after the agreement expires on March 18, it should be automatically extended if neither side objects. Nevertheless, Russia announced on Monday that it wanted to renew the agreement for 60 days, not the 120 it has been up to now. A proposal that Kyiv describes as “contradictory” compared to the initial agreement.

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