Live – War in Ukraine: At least 20 dead in Russian attacks, Russia condemns bombings

Alarms and bombardment sounds mark the start of this 429th day of war in Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities announced Russian attacks in several cities across the country overnight from Thursday to Friday. The first such attack in nearly two months.

According to a new report released by the authorities, at least 19 people were killed following these strikes.

AT UmanIn central Ukraine, a missile hit a residential building, killing at least 17 residents, including two children, and wounding nine others, the region’s governor, Ihor Taborets, said.

In the town of Dnipro, in southeastern Ukraine, a woman and her two-year-old child were killed in a house destroyed by a missile, according to Governor Serhii Lizak. Three others were injured in the strike.

An explosion was heard early on Friday KievAnti-aircraft defenses came into action.

Every attack, every evil act against our country and (our) people brings the terrorist state closer to defeat and punishment.“, pinged Mr. Zelensky on Telegram.”Russian terrorism requires a fair response from Ukraine and the world. And it will be“, he assured.

While Russia continued to bomb Ukrainian cities and infrastructure last winter, mass strikes have become rare in recent months. Much of the fighting today is for control of the industrial region of Donbass in the east, particularly in the city. Bagmouthalmost completely destroyed.

In a broad sense, we are ready.

Is the situation at the forefront likely to change soon? Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced on Friday that the Ukrainian military’s preparations for a counter-offensive were “coming to an end”. “Equipment is warranted, manufactured and partially delivered. In a broad sense, we are ready“, he declared.

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For months, Kiev has said it wants to launch a decisive offensive to reverse the course of the Russian invasion and liberate nearly 20% of its territory – including the Crimean peninsula – currently under Russian control.

Russia, for its part, has mobilized hundreds of thousands of separatists to consolidate its territorial gains in eastern and southern Ukraine, and aims to seize the entire Donbass, Ukraine’s historic industrial basin.

Follow the course of this 429th day of war in Ukraine in our live stream below:

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