Listenburg, the new European country born on Twitter, is fueling social networks

When the joke works well. A new country appeared on the map of Europe. On Sunday, a user shared a map on Twitter showing Listenburg on the border between Spain and Portugal. “I believe Americans don’t even know the name of this country”

This simple joke mocking the geographical position of Americans, known for being so bad, has become a real phenomenon.

In a few days, the publication made the rounds on social networks: it has more than 90,000 likes and thousands of shares to date. As netizens played this game, we watched the posts for days to write the history of this country. Listenbourg has a national anthem inspired by the British God Save the King, a flag, map, political powers…

Several “official” Twitter accounts have been created representing various ministries of the Listenbourgeois government. The creator of the joke was made president, and the brand new country got its own fake Wikipedia page, which was later taken down. The online encyclopedia’s moderator said the joke “should be on Twitter.”

TikTok has caught on to the hoax, with several videos reliving the history of Listenbourg emerging. The country will thus be inhabited by 59 million people, will be a member of the UN and NATO from October 31, 2022 and will have gained its independence in 740.

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The telephone operator Free, which announced the opening of a package in this new country, announced the participation of countries such as Netflix or the Paris Olympics. Represented representatives.

Finally, Listenbourg confirms Americans’ lack of geographic knowledge. A fact that has already been revealed many times, especially in 2017 A video from American channel ABCAsking Americans to put countries on a map caused a stir.

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