Libyan crown prince will help ease tensions ‘if he rules’

Libya’s Crown Prince Mohammed El-Senussi said that under his rule, his country would have been a mediator to ease tensions in the region, particularly between Morocco and Algeria on the one hand, and Spain on the other. On the other hand, the Sahara was born after the change of position.

“A monarchy in Libya can work for regional peace. My family has historical ties with Algeria and Morocco and other countries in the region like Chad and Sudan. We have a good name,” he said in an interview. El IndependienteMohammed el-Senussi, Crown Prince of Libya, has been in exile in London since the late 1980s.

Mohamed El-Senussi also wants to work to normalize relations between Spain and “some countries in the region.” “If there is governance, we will be a nation with strong ties to Africa,” he promises, neutral and not interfering in the internal affairs of neighboring countries. “We should be neutral and not interfere in the internal issues of the neighboring country. At the same time, we should demand that no country should interfere in our affairs. Through this, he can be a peacemaker in the region,” said the Crown Prince.

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El-Senussi considers the conflict in the Sahara “a problem between two countries that must work to find a solution”, stressing that Spain’s abandonment of its position of “active neutrality” has led to the deterioration of its relations with Algeria. Its main gas partner. The exiled crown prince says he has been following the news avidly for years in Spain, watching how the monarchy was restored after the death of dictator Franco.

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“Spain always comes up in conversations with our compatriots and friends as a shining example of how a country can find prosperity and move towards a brighter future by drawing inspiration from its own history. Spain, especially in times of crisis and change, is proof that a constitutional monarchy rooted in national history and identity is capable of uniting a people and establishing open democratic governance to build a successful future.

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