Launched in 2016, 2D Dark Souls looked badass

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Earlier today, artist Thomas Feichtmeir posted an interesting piece of news on his Twitter account: In 2016, he was part of a promotion that wanted to imagine dark souls 3 (or at least its world) as a 2D Metroidvania game.

With the non-disclosure agreement he signed on the project now expired, he has been allowed for the first time in six years to speak – and share a single image – of what the project could have looked like.

This looks great! Before you go yelling at Bandai Namco for not agreeing, though, know that this kind of thing – the people and studios that do projects that involve the publisher’s IP –It happens all the time. We rarely hear about it or see results.

I spoke to Feichtmeir – a pixel artist who has worked on a range of games, from infidelity to me Songs of Conquest – earlier today, who signed him as part of the NDA able to now Show his work and talk a little about him, but don’t talk a Many around it.

was art It was created around 2016 where everyone wanted to have a great 2D, soulssuch as Metroidvania, Because the genre was new and the desire for a game like this was strong,” he says.Of course someone had to try and make a presentation for Bandai Namco.”

With his experience as a pixel artist, souls Community member and YouTuber, Feichtmeir can see why he chose to help out on the field. Unfortunately nothing has gone anywhere – like I said, promotions come and get rejected All the time – but you could argue that some part of his soul will eventually find its way into another game.

a lot of people [on Twitter] Pointed out that this is very similar to infidelitywhich they are right about, and it is also very logical, After a few years I would already be working on it infidelity As an artist,” he says. I wrote about her infidelity Back in 2017, just a year after that show, They said they were “two-dimensional dark souls.”Here you are.

“I hope you enjoy watching art as much as I enjoyed creating it at the time”, Feichtmeir tells me. “It’s great to finally be able to share it after all this time.”

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