Latest Julian Sands news: Family of missing British actor thanks California authorities

Julian Sands: Who is the missing British Hollywood actor in California?

Julian SandsThe family thanked the California authorities for their “heroic” efforts to search for the missing British the actor.

“Our sincere thanks go out to the sympathetic members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department coordinating the search for our beloved Julian, and not least to the heroic search teams listed below who brave the difficult conditions on the ground and in the air to bring Julian home,” the statement read.

searching for the magician The star entered its eleventh day amid a warning of strong winds, with speeds of 62 to 67 miles per hour.

On Monday, January 23, the National Weather Service reported high winds affecting the Santa Ana and San Bernandino Mountains area, near the San Gabriel Mountains where the Sands are believed to have been lost.

A warning warns of power outages, travel disruption and risk of downed trees: “The strongest winds will be along south-facing slopes and hilly areas, down the Morongo Pass, and across and under the canyons of Mount Santa Ana,” the report said.

Last week, ground crews had to stop searching for sand due to an avalanche hazard in the area.


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Frank Marshall sends his wishes to Julian Sands’ family

“Hope and thoughts go out to the family of my dear friend and amazing actor, Julian Sands, who is missing at Baldy Mountain. Let’s all pray for a miracle,” Frank Marshall wrote on Twitter.

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Actor Matthew Modine prays for Julian Sands’ safe return

“Julian Sands is an amazing man, husband, father and friend to many. A gentle and kind soul,” Matthew Modine wrote on Twitter.

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Mount Baldy’s conditions are “extremely dangerous” since the sands are gone

Police warned this week that conditions at Mount Baldy, where rescuers are searching for Julian Sands, are “extremely adverse and dangerous” and not conducive to even highly experienced hikers.

“Because of the high winds, the snow has turned to ice, making hiking extremely dangerous,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said Friday.

The Sheriff’s search and rescue efforts are often hampered by bad weather coupled with dangerous avalanche conditions. Recent storms causing snow and ice conditions are not conducive to hikers, even those who feel they have a high level of experience.”

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Is the climate crisis behind a string of hiker tragedies in California?

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Authorities say no deadline has been set for the inspection to end

US authorities said there was still no “hard deadline” for calling off the search for Julian Sands.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said the incident is still being classified as a search and rescue operation.

“We will schedule another ground search when the weather clears, and it is safe for our ground crews,” a spokesperson for the ministry said.

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British film producer Cassian Elwes shared a heartfelt message

Elewes also shared a note about Sands on Twitter.

“I’ve known since Friday that my friend Julian Sands is missing at Bald Mountain. I am so disappointed. A very close friend of the family who’s been so adventurous in everything he does. I’ve said so many prayers,” he wrote.

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Reverend Richard Coles described Sands as “dazzling”.

“I knew #Julian Sands Back in the ’80s when his brother was sharing a mouse infested apartment with my best friend,” Coles wrote on Twitter.

“He was so dazzling and delightful and all who loved him stood anxiously by his side.”

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