Justin Wyrock’s death: Autopsy reveals he died of strangulation

An autopsy on the body of Justine Vayrac, a 20-year-old woman found dead in Correze last Thursday, revealed that she had been beaten before being strangled, we learned on Monday from a source close to the file. The results of tests to determine whether the victim was drugged are not yet known. A 21-year-old farmer, jailed and charged with rape, forcible confinement and murder, confessed on Thursday after ending police custody. “Killing the victim in the presence of the victim in his home and during consensual intercourse”According to the case.

The suspect, who lives in the town of Paynat, 15 kilometers from Brive, told investigators. “One punch, it would have caused death“The mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old child, and the young woman who used the ‘farming machine'”Bury the body In the forest.

The victim’s body was found near the suspect’s farm after several days of searching by 80 policemen and gendarmes. Justine Wyrock, from Tariak in the neighboring Lot department, went missing on Sunday night, October 23, at around 4am, near a nightclub in Prive.carriage“, where she spent the evening with friends.

According to several sources, Justin Wyrock felt bad at the disco after drinking a few glasses of alcohol and decided to sleep in his car. She would have crossed paths with the suspect,”Knowledge“According to the young woman’s friend, he left her with him and went back to the nightclub.

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