‘It’s clear what the enemy wants’: Zelensky reacts to multiple Russian attacks

“It is clear what the enemy wants. They will not achieve their goal,” he said in a short video posted on social media, adding that “85 missiles were fired” by the Russian military on Tuesday. , “mainly energy infrastructure” . A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force had earlier told him “more than 100 missiles” had been sent to the Russians.

Volodymyr Zelensky called on citizens to “stay in shelters for a while” because, according to him, “twenty more strikes may come”.

“We are working, we will recover everything, we will survive everything,” he said in this video filmed in his office.

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Kyiv immediately called on the G20 nations, now meeting without Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit in Indonesia, to pressure Moscow in response.

“Residential buildings, energy infrastructure affected. Pending reaction in principle from G20 summit,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeted.

“Please avoid ‘calling both sides’. Take the side of the people, not the war criminals,” he urged in a message published in English and Ukrainian.

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At least one person died in QU on Tuesday following Russian strikes, the first in the Ukrainian capital since October 17.

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