‘It’s a dangerous situation’: unorthodox comments on Russian state television

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, we know that propaganda in Russia is very strong and that the small voice raised to challenge the war is undermined. However, a video extract shared on social networks is challenging.

In this series, published by BBC journalist Francis Scarr, prominent Russian film-maker Karen Shaknazarov makes an unusual comment on Russian state television. Indeed, he declares there that the Russians must “admit that they will lose” the war and disagree with those who claim victory.

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“We have to admit that we are going to lose,” Shaknazarov said. “If you don’t, you’re not looking for different possible outcomes. And he adds, ‘If you believe that things will happen automatically, that’s not right. That’s weakness! That’s not strength, that’s weakness!’

Note that Shakhnazarov has an opinion about the West, which Putin continues to disparage: “This is a fight against the entire West. Then who will win? A decent and very strong system. These qualities are absent in our society today. […] We always say that the West is on the brink of destruction and that there are demonstrations in Berlin. But that won’t happen. When the West thinks it can win, it will do anything to win.”

The Russian filmmaker is also wary of Ukraine’s President Zelensky: “He’s dangerous. He’s not stupid. He’s dynamic. He plays an important role. He’s not a puppet. Put sand in your eyes when we say that.”

“We really have to realize that this is a difficult situation for us. [… ] “It’s a dangerous situation,” Shaknazarov said.

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