Italy: A family sets up a 30m² gazebo on the beach, the fine is steep

All ways are good to protect yourself from the sun when the temperature explodes, as it is currently in southern Europe and especially Italy. From a simple hat to a parasol, even a beach tent for the more equipped. But three days ago, a family from the area of ​​Bari (Puglia), put food in large dishes. He set up a 30 m² gazebo on the beach, on the coast of Manduria in the province of Taranto. This did not fail to get some regulars in the area to react.

Facebook – Azione Messapica

The condemnation came from a political movement, Azione Messapica, which published a message and Pictures on Facebook. “Everybody should respect the bans, limited traffic, parking, taxes, garlands, restrictions… Then they come and respect nothing, make everything dirty, illegally occupy the entire beach and leave tons of waste everywhere. They want it.”

Eventually the police intervened and removed the tent. He drew up a statement of 500 euros for the family. Because the latter chose a prominent place, not far from a natural presence, which was also a forbidden place for bathing.

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