Italian PM Giorgia Meloni questions and tackles Charles Michel caught in Russian phone hoax

On September 18, Georgia Meloni was the victim of a prank call from two Russian comedians. The latter posed as members of the African Union Commission. If we’re only talking about it today, it’s because it was recorded in the media on November 1. Le Point and Le Figaro publish some notable extracts.

But what is it about? With his two (false) interlocutors, the Italian prime minister will discuss the war in Ukraine. Make some assumptions about the Ukrainian counterattack: “Ukrainians are doing what they have to do, what is right […] But the counteroffensive launched in early summer did not go as planned and did not change the course of the conflict.

She fears the conflict will last for years, though Georgia Meloney says “A few ideas on how to handle this situation, but I’m waiting for the right moment to put them on the table.. However, she recognizes a certain weariness. “I notice a certain weariness, if I must tell the truth, on all sides”She assures.

Apart from the war in Ukraine, the Italian Prime Minister also spoke about the migration crisis and did not leave out the role of Europe and Charles Michel. “I met with Charles Michel. He thinks it’s mainly a problem on the Italian side.She explains.

Before adding: “The problem is, other people (European countries, editor’s note) Don’t worry, they didn’t answer the phone when I called them. They all agree that only Italy can solve this problem. It’s a very stupid position.”

The Italian finally concludes: “The EU says it understands. But when you ask them to fund, to help, it becomes very difficult.”

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