It looks like the makers of Danganronpa are in debt because of the new Switch game

Image: Aniplex

During Nintendo’s recent Live Show, the incredibly promising The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy – from developer Too Kyoo Games and publisher Aniplex was revealed.

Born through collaboration between Danganronpa Series writer Kazutaka Kodaka and Zero escape Game creator Kotaro Uchikoshi, the game is scheduled to be released in 2025, but according to an interview with… Famitsu (Thanks, Robot), the project appears to have had some difficulties progressing, eventually putting Too Kyoo Games in debt.

Development of the project appears to have begun shortly after Too Kyoo Games was formed in 2017, but after the publishing deal fell through, drastic changes were made to the game. What initially started as an “independent scale” project now requires significantly more investment.

As such, before landing with Aniplex, Too Kyoo Games had taken out a loan to help develop the game, and since the Too Kyoo members were unable to raise the required capital through stock sales, the studio was plunged into debt. Aniplex was thankfully willing to work with the team regardless, though Too Kyoo Games is still in debt to this day.

It’s a good thing then that it looks so good. Blending strategic RPG elements with classic visual novel interactions from the Danganronpa series, we can’t wait to learn more as we get closer to its release in 2025.

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Let us remind ourselves of the hypothesis:

“Introducing to you a new game from the creators of… Danganronpa series! Takumi Sumino lived an ordinary life until he was forced to transfer to the Last Defense Academy. His mission: to protect the school from mysterious enemies known as School Invaders for 100 days. As Takumi, he delves into the mysterious truth of the school alongside 15 of his classmates, each looking to reclaim their lost daily lives. Explore the school, prepare for battles with your friends, then clash with invading creatures in strategic RPG battles.

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