It is the most dangerous city in France

According to an analysis using about ten criteria, daily Le Parisien has compiled a ranking of the safest and most dangerous cities in France.

In this ranking, the city of Roubaix in the north of France is at the last place. There are also country capitals such as Bordeaux, Lille or Marseille. Located at the end of the most famous classification

In its analysis, Le Parisien explains how the ranking was made: “To establish the ranking of the safest cities in France, we used individual data from the Ministry of the Interior, specifically from the security-related database at the municipal level, the Services of the Statistical Service of the Ministry of Internal Security (SSMSI), which covers all municipalities in France. About ten types of facts recorded by the police and gendarmerie present many crimes or complaints. More than 20,000 people. We grouped the facts in the database into three main families: assaults (accounting for 63% of the final score), thefts (20% of the reference) and robberies (17% of the reference )”, explains the daily.

The safest city in France according to this ranking is Sèvremoine, which is located in the department of Maine-et-Loire and has 25,000 inhabitants.

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